Dominic Steele, Dr. Matthew Fenech, and Pascal Grimm


Una Health is revolutionizing type 2 diabetes care. Our personalized digital therapy program blends advanced biosensor technology and AI with nutrition and holistic lifestyle guidance for effective diabetes management. It’s also the first biodata-powered digital therapeutics for Type 2 Diabetes certified as a medical device, backed up by clinical studies, and now fully reimbursed by the German healthcare system. An estimated one-quarter of the world population is affected by metabolic dysfunction – raising the risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness, and more. Una Health’s solution is accessible to anyone, easy to integrate into daily life, and aimed at reversing those statistics. Developed by experts. Superpowered by data. With one person in mind: You.

Building value together

“We’re thrilled to partner with PeakBridge given their unique, holistic view of the interplay between nutrition and health, their foresight of where our world is heading and what issues we need to tackle now, which aligns perfectly with our vision. Their ability to bring together key stakeholders along the value chain will be invaluable as we work to solve the most pressing challenges facing our industry.”