Our Partners

Transforming our global food system is a massive task, and no one can do it alone. Real solutions require us to connect the dots across food, finance, and impact. At PeakBridge we’re proud to have meaningful partnerships with leading food corporates, investors, knowledge institutes, and FoodTech hubs worldwide. Together, we work with the entrepreneurs who are the true stewards of food innovation, to drive their success to new peaks.

Strategic Partners

Among our investors are some of the world’s biggest food companies. Through these strategic partnerships, PeakBridge gains deep insight into where the global food industry is heading, and how to best address its most pressing needs. 

Financial Partners

Our exceptional financial partners are deeply committed to making significant impact, alongside returns.

Global FoodTech Partners

Innovation begins at a local level. We partner with key global FoodTech hubs, to tap into the local visionaries pioneering solutions for our global food system. 
“This partnership, with a professional agri-food tech asset manager close to our DNA, testifies to our desire to constantly improve our offer and to increase our impact in strategic sectors such as food and agriculture. We believe that with PeakBridge, we can make a lasting impact on social and environmental issues around the world.”
Johnny El Hachem
CEO at Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity
“Partnering with PeakBridge allows us to expand our view of the broader ecosystem, to have our finger on the pulse of the best of innovation in food and where it’s heading. Going far beyond pure cash deployment, their technical knowledge and impactful support for founders is a standout. Plus, PeakBridge’s vast experience in the food industry allows us to speak the same language – with mutual trust and understanding of how food innovation, impact, and returns can go together.”

Alexandre Bastos

Head of Front-End Innovation, Givaudan

“PeakBridge shares our ambition to grow impactful and ambitious companies in food, and our partnership has proved incredibly fruitful in that mission. Their vast network, support, and commitment to the broader ecosystem are key in taking on the challenges in our food system together.”

Laura Thissen

Operations Director of StartLife

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