BZ Golberg (CEO) and Yair Yosefi


The Mediterranean Food Lab creates rich, natural flavors from 100% food ingredients. Zero additives. Zero synthetics. Using proprietary technology, we draw on real food ingredients like grains, legumes and agro-industrial waste streams. With solid-state fermentation, we transform these into a wide range of delicious, rich flavors that enhance everything from alternative proteins to casseroles, soups and sauces. Clean label, cost-efficient, and sustainably produced. 

Building value together

“Working with PeakBridge enables us to optimize a next generation of highly delicious flavor solutions for a wide range of meat replacement needs, develop a plan to scale up production, advance regulatory approval, and pave the way for meaningful engagement with our customers. PeakBridge’s industry knowledge and network are instrumental in helping MFL attain our far-reaching goals.”