Co-Founder and CEO


myota is leading the way in the gut health and microbiome field, through our unique set of patented prebiotic blends, the first to take microbiome variability into account. Based on almost a decade of proprietary research at MIT, myota’s formulations are developed and rigorously tested in our Swiss lab in order to ensure clinical efficacy. We continue to be at the forefront of research in this sector, and have been able to demonstrate efficacy in improving blood sugar response and insulin sensitivity, reducing inflammation and IBS-related symptoms, as well as incidences of stress and anxiety. We are currently partnering with the NHS to conduct further research and trial myota for a number of patient populations. 

Building value together

Myota was founded with the vision that many of today’s chronic diseases can be prevented and even reversed through fiber-based microbiome interventions. We are very excited to have FoodSparks(R) by PeakBridge, with their network and wealth of industry experience, as an investor and partner in our ambitious mission.”