Myconeos is where biotech meets the food industry. We use proprietary know-how to naturally breed fungi that were, until now, considered asexual. Through a technological breakthrough in breeding, we’re able to deliver unique, new and natural cheese cultures, food ingredients such as mycoprotein, and fermented plant-based proteins, flavors and colors. Our technology and process allow us target desired product attributes and address a range of food market needs and applications.

Building value together

“Myconeos has a breakthrough technology with great potential. We are excited to partner with PeakBridge FoodSparks® in joining our team and supporting us in our drive to bring our Mycoforti® fungal cultures to the mould ripened cheese and vegan cheese market. We were persuaded by the team’s clear expertise and wide network in the food sector and also because we share the common vision of what the technology can deliver for a more sustainable future.”