Luca Fichtinger & Sebastian Jeschko


Kern Tec is committed to bringing unique plant-based ingredients and products to the global food market.¬†From previously unused fruit pits, we develop a wide range of innovative, sustainable ingredients and ready-to-use solutions for the food industry.¬†Previously seen as a side product in global production, with Kern Tec’s technologies these raw materials are processed into tasty, sustainable, nutritious and safe products like food, cosmetic oils, protein powders, “nut” spreads and even dairy alternatives.

Building value together

“Besides the investment, PeakBridge provides a great network of experts and industry leaders, supporting us in scaling our company. The PeakBridge family is also a team of great individuals in terms of professionalism and personality. We are excited to leverage this partnership to bring our technologies for food upcycling to the next level.”