Founder / Chief Scientific Officer


Created by experts in aging and genetics from Harvard, Tufts, and MIT, InsideTracker provides a personal health analysis and data-driven wellness guide, designed to help you live healthier, longer. By analyzing your blood, DNA, and physiological biomarkers, InsideTracker provides an objective health assessment along with a custom set of actionable recommendations and insights for your nutrition, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle. Integrated within an intuitive mobile app, InsideTracker reveals your personalized path to improving your health and longevity from the inside out.

Building value together

“InsideTracker was founded on our mission to help people live healthier, longer. We are proud to have a mission-driven partner like PeakBridge who shares the strong belief that nutrition and science can be leveraged for the greater good. As a passionate team ourselves, PeakBridge’s tenacious, hard working and performance approach has been invaluable.”