Gianluca Vitale

Senior Analyst

Before joining PeakBridge, Gianluca worked as an investment analyst at GP House, focusing on acquiring minority stakes in European mid-market private managers. Previously, he was a Private Debt intern at Clessidra Capital Credit, where he evaluated investment opportunities in Italian SMEs. He began his career in the Private Equity Fund of Funds desk of IMI-Intesa Sanpaolo, and holds a double degree in Finance & Corporate Finance from Tilburg and Luiss University.

How do you evaluate a potential new investment?

When I’m considering new investments, my relatively brief experience across various sectors of private markets has taught me that while numbers matter, it is the people behind the business who really make it succeed. For instance during due diligence, no matter how promising the numbers may seem, it’s ultimately the people within a company who execute the business plan and drive its success. I believe that cultivating relationships within the industry not only assists in making sound investments but also plays a role in sourcing new interesting opportunities and offering operational support to portfolio companies.
Looking at this relatively new asset class and industry, how do you see it in the long-term?

What about food at home? Do you cook healthy food yourself?

Absolutely! It’s my daily recipe for boosting my physical and psychological well-being. As an avid enthusiast of Mediterranean cuisine, I try to achieve the right balance among all macronutrients to bolster my athletic performance. Exercise is my ultimate mood-booster and is not merely about staying in shape; it’s about feeling empowered, energized, and prepared to tackle whatever challenges come my way.