Our team

As industry experts and operators ourselves, supporting FoodTech companies is in our DNA.

Erich Sieber
Founding General Partner
Nadav Berger
Founding General Partner
Yoni Glickman
Managing Director FoodSparks®
William Parnis England
Senior Associate
Martina Pace
Chief Operating Officer
Youval Amit
Head of Community
Thomas van den Boezem
Senior Associate
Rick Borenstein
Investment Committee Member (Newtrition)
Steven Tedesco
Investment Committee (Newtrition & FoodSparks®)
Anders Jacobson
Venture Partner
Frank Lehmann PhD
Venture Partner
Miriam Ueberall
Venture Partner
Ellen de Brabander (PhD)
Investment Committee Member (Newtrition) & Technical Due Diligence
Maya Orgad

We’re looking for early-stage founders building high-value, market-moving, category-defining businesses focused on the food industry.