Our team

As industry experts and operators ourselves, supporting FoodTech companies is in our DNA.

Erich Sieber
Founding General Partner
Nadav Berger
Founding General Partner
Yoni Glickman
Managing Director FoodSparks®
William Parnis England
Senior Associate
Martina Pace
Chief Operating Officer
Youval Amit
Head of Community
Ellen de Brabander (PhD)
Investment Committee Member (Newtrition) & Technical Due Diligence
Rick Borenstein
Investment Committee Member (Newtrition)
Steven Tedesco
Investment Committee (Newtrition & FoodSparks®)
Anders Jacobson
Venture Partner
Frank Lehmann PhD
Venture Partner
Miriam Ueberall
Venture Partner
Thomas van den Boezem
Senior Associate

We’re looking for early-stage founders building high-value, market-moving, category-defining businesses focused on the food industry.