Eva Everloo

Senior Analyst

Eva Everloo has worked with a range of Agri-Food entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, including FUMI Ingredients and GreenBoy Group. A former executive at ClimateCleanup, Eva was nominated as “Changemaker in Food” for FOOD100 NL in 2021. She holds a cum laude MSc in Nutrition & Health from Wageningen University and an honours BSc in Health Sciences from Maastricht University, with a BioTech minor from the University of New South Wales.

How do you evaluate a possible portfolio company?
Besides fit with investment focus, I look for three important aspects: impact, vision and PeakBridge’s value to the company. Impact: does the solution have the potential for system-level adoption? Vision: does the team have the needed abilities combined with ambition and a clear vision on how to scale the company? PeakBridge’s value: is it a company for which PeakBridge’s FoodTech know-how and large industry network can add significant value?
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  
Luckily, a lot of what I do at PeakBridge overlaps with my personal interests! For one, I enjoy learning about how to optimize health. I am also a foodie, particularly an explorer of plant-based cuisines and products. My latest tasting was a 3D printed steak in Iceland. Besides food and health, I love being outdoors, dancing and traveling (especially to Australia). Visiting regenerative farms has also been a favorite activity of mine as of recent.
What’s the next big trend in FoodTech?  
I see a lot happening in the FoodTech industry and think that there is a lot of potential in reimagining the fermentation process for the production of novel, animal-free foods. I am also very enthusiastic about how the democratization of health information – people getting better access to their own health data – and the development of new diagnostic technologies is leading to next-generation personalized health insights. This, I believe, will be a game changer for empowering consumers to take health into their own hands.