Youval Amit

Head of Community

5 years as an operator in Food-Tech startups, including Impossible Foods and WoodSpoon, a food delivery company. Chef training from Bishulim school, B.A of International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Master’s in Social Innovation from the University of Cambridge.

What have you learned from your career in the culinary world and FoodTech space?

Food products have to taste good. Period. Innovation is obviously important and so do disruptive technologies, yet, any novel ingredient or new product has to satisfy the palate first and foremost. That is the key learning I take with me to every engagement with an F&B company, and therefore I will always ask to taste a product as early as possible.

Why is FoodTech a mechanism for driving positive social impact?

Essential for every human on the planet, food is a major sector of interest for those looking to make a social or environmental impact. FoodTech startups can offer innovative technologies that will facilitate nutrition solutions for billions of people worldwide and ultimately serve the growing global population.

What is the most memorable experience you had at culinary school?

It’s hard to choose just one since my time in chef training was one of the most existing periods of my life. I was extremely invested in the learning experience, putting immense effort into memorizing recipes and perfecting my dish-plating skills. I remember well the only class I didn’t pass, which was the Lobster class – we were asked to choose one live lobster from a large pile and cook it, but I felt dizzy and left the classroom running.