Jacqueline Giordmaina

Senior Associate Operations

Jacqueline Giordmaina is an experienced Operations Director and General Manager with a strong background in supporting startup entities to develop full-fledged international operations. Her career has taken her from delivering successful organization deployment, to implementing company structures, financial planning and working with international stakeholders. She’s passionate about supporting startups and growing businesses to achieve operational excellence.

What drives you nuts?
Throughout the years I have learnt to tolerate many things that used to bother me in the past. For me, self-development was always key! Being brought up in Toronto and working on several large-scale international projects taught me a lot about understanding different perspectives and working with different cultures. What still makes me nuts is dis-organization and confusion. I like everything in my space to be organized, clear and in place.
Where is your passion working with Startups from? How do you see your role in supporting them?
I believe my passion is a result of a strong maternal instinct. Since I was a teenager, I was always the one to take the lead in organizing things to make them happen. Throughout my career, I was automatically drawn to positions where I would join a company in its early stages and then set up processes, liaise with different departments or suppliers, to have a smooth flowing business. I love seeing a business idea on paper and then being part of its growth from the beginning.
What’s your favorite dish and can you share the recipe?
I don’t really have a favorite dish because I love food in general, especially when it has been cooked for me! I enjoy experiencing different types of cuisines from different cultures. My favourite thing to do when travelling to different countries is having dinner with the locals who explain the traditional dishes and how they are made. I do not consider myself to be a top-notch chef, but I can share my go-to quick and easy plate of pasta: penne with fresh basil paste, cherry tomatoes, walnuts and feta cheese. Yum!