Frank Lehmann PhD

Venture Partner

Former VP Global Head of Open Innovation and Venturing at Nestlé.

What do you look for in a Food Tech startup?

I first have to be excited about the innovation the company has to offer. Second, I always ask myself, “Is this business sustainable?” I then try to evaluate the products’ uniqueness and defensibility while examining the position among other players in the market. Finally, I look for startups where the product and the business model are clear, with outstanding novel innovation.

How does your physics background assist you in your career in food tech?

My science education gave me the ability to understand the scientific story that companies tell and an intuition regarding the validity of a new technology. The ability to explain the science behind opportunities I evaluate gives me a clear advantage that pushes companies I work with to be as clear and consistent as possible.

What was the most exciting mountain hike you have done?  

Freeriding Titlis with skis. Titlis one of the best freeride destinations in the Alps, where I enjoyed spectacular runs with breathtaking views – An experience I’ll never forget!