Anders Jacobson

Venture Partner

Founder of one of Sweden’s first institutional impact investors, Blue. Sweden’s top Super Talent of 2019.

What inspires you?

The short answer? Entrepreneurs. As an investor, my view is that human ingenuity and entrepreneurship are traits of getting things done quickly and well. Personally, I always strive to venture down new paths, work on my own time, and achieve long lasting impact on the world. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by entrepreneurs with bold visions and strong ambitions.

What impact would you like to leave on the world?

I’d like to see the planet operate on a completely circular model. This would be a restored world, one where humans can live in symbiosis with nature and the environment. I’m an optimist to my core. How to do that? It’s about making sure that people are aware of the challenges we face. An extreme increase in awareness is necessary.

Where does Stockholm stand in terms of impact? 

Stockholm is a very strong hub for impact in the world. Stockholmers tend to be relatively early adopters of new technology, with a good focus on sustainability and impact. We do so by working closely with many countries who have sustainability high up on their agenda. As people, we Swedes are lucky to live in a country with incredible nature and a beautiful environment. Perhaps this makes us a bit more conscious about our environmental impact and general well-being.