Bytes to Bites Vol. 2 – From farm to fork: Leveraging AI in the Food Value Chain

Written by Eva Everloo (Senior Analyst) together with Anđela Martinović, Ph.D. (Scientific Analyst), Anina Troya (Analyst Intern) & Orly Savion, Ph.D. (CTO)PeakBridge 1. The Contemporary Globalized Food Value Chain In today’s world, the global food value chain is like a complex puzzle that spans the planet, enabling the distribution of vital sustenance. This system involves […]

5 Questions with Neolithics Co-Founder Amir Adamov

WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THE BIGGEST HURDLES FOR QUALITY CONTROL IN THE FRRESH PRODUCE INDUSTRY TODAY? Supply chain disruptions caused by climate change, pandemics, and other factors have led to increased challenges in maintaining consistent quality in the fresh produce industry.  Due to these disruptions, food producers are forced to source from alternative geographies. […]