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Ice Cream Nicks founder Peakbridge

Niclas Luthman


“PeakBridge is not just an investor in NICK’S. They are also close partners and friends providing invaluable support, advice and connections within the food industry.”

Yanay Ofran & Anat Binur


“In working with the PeakBridge team, we have found true partners for our journey. Driven by their passion for impacting the worlds of health and food, the PeakBridge team leverages their understanding of the food space and their extensive connections to help us achieve our goals faster and better.”


Alon Chen


“The PeakBridge team not only understands the intersection between food and tech, but are the movers and shakers at the forefront of the field. We at Tastewise are proud to partner with PeakBridge because they’re driven by doing well — and by doing good.”

Miguel Calatayud


“As their name suggests, Nadav, Erich and the entire team, are truly a “bridge” between where we have reached as a company and the next stage on our path – impacting farming and nutrition as we know it. “

Mike Hecker

CEO and Founder

“We are very happy that PeakBridge wants to be part of our exciting journey. It further enables BE WTR to invest in its R&D and Swiss based technology to improve hydration as well as accelerate opening of new countries.”

Mike Bush


“We are very excited to have PeakBridge as our newest partner. They bring deep knowledge of and connections to the food and supplement space with a shared goal of bringing better for you products to consumers around the globe.”

prenexus founder headshot
oren zilberman
vanilla vida logo

Oren Zilberman

Co-Founder & CEO

“We are thrilled to have FoodSparks® by PeakBridge as part of our exciting Vanilla Vida journey. The support we receive from FoodSparks® enable us to invest in our production, scale-up, and industry touchpoints. the unique PeakBridge network and industry knowledge helps us to achieve our goals and change the future of Vanilla farming.”

imagindairy logo

Dr. Eyal Afergan & Pro.Tamir Tuller


“We are excited to have the backing of FoodSparks® by PeakBridge, which allows us to accelerate our effort to scale up our development of whey protein. PeakBridge’s industry knowledge and network assists us in reaching our ambitious goals.”

dr eyal afergan and prof tamir tuller

Foodsparks, a seed stage fund for European and Israeli ventures.

NEWTRITION a growth fund investing in global food technologies post proof of concept. Series A and onwards.

We’re looking for early-stage founders building high-value, market-moving, category-defining businesses focused on the food industry.