Malta, May 4th, 2020 – Today, Luthman Backlund Foods (, maker of N!CK’S Swedish Style light ice creams and a line of protein and confectionery bars, announced the closing of a new U$7.3M equity financing round. N!CK’S recently launched its ice creams in the U.S. and grew from zero to now selling in 3,000+ leading grocery stores nationwide in just over 6 months.

“We couldn’t be happier with our growth in the U.S. Even in the age of COVID-19, we are seeing record revenues and unit sales velocity growth week-over-week across all our retailers. This shows tremendous demand for our creamy, indulgent ice creams with a fraction of the calories compared with traditional ice creams”, says Niclas Luthman, one of the company’s founders.

N!CK’S also announced the signing of a long-term agreement for the exclusive use in ice cream of a revolutionary, plant-based fat ingredient from Epogee LLC. This patented product helps us deliver all the texture and mouthfeel of traditional ice creams, but with a calorie reduction of 70%+ per pint.