Feeding the future: The role of FoodTech in addressing the global climate crisis

by Owen Zammit (Senior Analyst – PeakBridge) & Nadim El-Khazen (Partner – PeakBridge) Climate Challenges According to estimates, the global population has now exceeded 8 billion and is expected to top 9.7 billion by 20501. It is increasingly clear that our society needs a sustainable way to operate without further contributing to the climate crisis. […]

Personalized Nutrition — Because You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

By Eva Everloo (MSc) — Analyst at PeakBridge Take Jane, a 35-year-old Londoner. She has a demanding corporate job. When her workday is done, she enjoys athletic activities, mainly long-distance running. Jane wishes to lead a long, healthy life so that when she reaches 65, she may still be able to outrun her grandchildren.    To reach her […]

Egg Alternatives: A guide to the landscape of functional replacers of the chicken’s egg

By Eva Everloo and Maya Schushan Orgad (Ph.D.) As a FoodTech investor, PeakBridge is committed to exploring emerging food trends. Egg alternatives have been increasingly in the spotlight recently. Though relatively new compared to alternatives for dairy or meat, creating the perfect egg replacement has become the focus of a growing number of startups. Given […]

Alternative Fats: A guide to the game-changing enablers of a traditional industry sector

By Owen Zammit — Analyst, and Dr. Maya Schushan Orgad — CTO & Principal At PeakBridge, we are committed to learning more about FoodTech trends as they emerge. After being exposed to multiple startups trying to replace traditional fats, we decided to perform a deep dive on the space, to understand the current industry and its challenges, the technological […]

Mycelium trend review: A guide to an alternative protein hidden gem

By Maya Schushan Orgad, Ph.D. — CTO & Principal at PeakBridge. Since we at Peakbridge are FoodTech-focused investors, we are constantly exposed to emerging FoodTech trends. First, we see an increase in the pool of startups being analysed in a particular space, followed by specific interest raised by our investors and collaborators, key global players […]

Deliciousness*, Sustainability & ROI – The FoodTech Conundrum

By Yoni Glickman, Managing Director of FoodSparks® by PeakBridge  Yesterday, one of my WhatsApp groups – all group members are privileged Boomers – had a robust discussion around the merits and drawbacks of plant-based salmon. Some supported the idea, others said that whilst appreciating the problem the product was trying to solve, they would rather […]

Scaling the Alternative Protein Revolution and the VC Role

An Interview with GFI Israel Managing Director, Nir Goldstein  WHAT IS GFI? HOW IS YOUR WORK CONTRIBUTING TOWARDS THE ADOPTION OF ALTERNATIVE PROTEINS?  The Good Food Institute (GFI) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to re-imagining proteins. We focus on ground-breaking innovation and research, working with the government, universities, companies, startups, and investors. We aim to […]

5 Questions With Orbisk CEO and Co-Founder Olaf van der Veen 

WHY A FOODTECH COMPANY?  Three primary reasons actually:  Impact – The food system is broken, and we are here to fix it. When we started on our entrepreneurship path, we saw how much impact our current food system has, and how equally effective our optimizations will be in countering it. The recent IPCC report has unequivocally […]

5 Questions With The Mediterranean Food Lab CEO & Co-Founder B.Z. Goldberg

WHY A FOODTECH COMPANY?  In a nutshell, we get to do what we love while working to solve some of society’s greatest challenges at the same time. The Mediterranean Food Lab founders and our employees are passionate about even obsessed with food on pretty much every scale. On both the very visceral level, deriving pleasure […]