Scaling up FoodTech: The Investor’s Take

Written by Nurit Ben together with Thomas van den Boezem, Nadim El Khazen, and Yoni Glickman FoodTech is at a crucial tipping point, and with tipping points come opportunities. But the real potential of this space has gotten muddled, and it’s a good time to cut through the noise. A fair amount of hype and […]

2024 Outlook: What to Watch & What to Ignore

As we embark on a new year, it’s time not only to take stock but to look ahead at what we should expect in FoodTech in 2024. And while it’s always a bit risky to make predictions, there are clear developments shaping where this industry is headed – with implications for investors, founders, and consumers. […]

5 Questions With PeakBridge CTO Dr. Gali Artzi

PeakBridge CTO Dr. Gali Artzi has a background that’s hard to come by: a rare combination of scientific knowledge, innovation leadership in both corporates and startups, and business experience in food ingredients and nutrition. From Enzymotec, to Frutarom and IFF, she’s held senior leadership roles – scouting technologies, guiding product development, managing innovation and commercialization, […]

Bytes to Bites Vol. 3 – Wellness Wired – Digitizing Nutrition & Health

Written by Eva Everloo (Senior Analyst) together with Anđela Martinović, Ph.D. (Scientific Analyst) & Anina Troya (Analyst Intern)PeakBridge 1.    The Rise of Personalized Nutrition In our ongoing series exploring the sweeping impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the food value chain, we’ve delved into the role of AI in reshaping how we source, produce, and […]

Bytes to Bites Vol. 2 – From farm to fork: Leveraging AI in the Food Value Chain

Written by Eva Everloo (Senior Analyst) together with Anđela Martinović, Ph.D. (Scientific Analyst), Anina Troya (Analyst Intern) & Orly Savion, Ph.D. (CTO)PeakBridge 1. The Contemporary Globalized Food Value Chain In today’s world, the global food value chain is like a complex puzzle that spans the planet, enabling the distribution of vital sustenance. This system involves […]

Bytes to Bites Vol. 1 – Data-Driven Delights: Digitizing Consumption Insights & Product Development

Written by Eva Everloo (Senior Analyst) together with Anđela Martinović, Ph.D. (Scientific Analyst), Anina Troya (Analyst Intern) & Orly Savion, Ph.D. (CTO)PeakBridge 1. The Synergy of AI & Food: Revolutionizing an Industry The journey of Artificial Intelligence (AI) commenced with Alan Turing’s visionary “Intelligent Machinery” in 1948, setting the stage for a 21st century explosion […]

5 Questions with Neolithics Co-Founder Amir Adamov

WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THE BIGGEST HURDLES FOR QUALITY CONTROL IN THE FRRESH PRODUCE INDUSTRY TODAY? Supply chain disruptions caused by climate change, pandemics, and other factors have led to increased challenges in maintaining consistent quality in the fresh produce industry.  Due to these disruptions, food producers are forced to source from alternative geographies. […]

Unwrapping the Future: Innovative Food Packaging Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Written by Owen Zammit (Senior Analyst) together with Orly Savion, Ph.D. (CTO), Andjela Martinovic (Scientific Analyst), and Giulia Pauly (Analyst Intern) At PeakBridge, we are committed to learning more about FoodTech trends as they emerge. After being exposed to multiple sustainable food packaging startups, we decided to review the space to better understand the current […]

5 Questions with Myota Co-Founders Kat Stennett & Dr. Thomas Gurry

WHAT HEALTHCARE TRENDS DO YOU BELIEVE WILL BE EVOLVING IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS?  We have already seen that the recent COVID pandemic has heightened people’s awareness for the importance of maintaining a strong baseline of health and focusing on disease prevention. It is likely that in the next five years, increased focus from public […]

Dietary Fibres: Diving into the World of the Overlooked Macronutrient

Written by Eva Everloo (Analyst – PeakBridge) together with Orly Savion, Ph.D. (CTO – PeakBridge), Anđela Martinović, Ph.D. (Scientific Analyst – PeakBridge) & Alice de Rothschild (Analyst Intern – PeakBridge) As the most abundant product in the global food system that’s present in every plant’s cell wall, dietary fibre is found in all, natural plant-based […]