5 Questions With PeakBridge CTO Dr. Gali Artzi

PeakBridge CTO Dr. Gali Artzi has a background that’s hard to come by: a rare combination of scientific knowledge, innovation leadership in both corporates and startups, and business experience in food ingredients and nutrition. From Enzymotec, to Frutarom and IFF, she’s held senior leadership roles – scouting technologies, guiding product development, managing innovation and commercialization, […]

5 Questions with Neolithics Co-Founder Amir Adamov

WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THE BIGGEST HURDLES FOR QUALITY CONTROL IN THE FRRESH PRODUCE INDUSTRY TODAY? Supply chain disruptions caused by climate change, pandemics, and other factors have led to increased challenges in maintaining consistent quality in the fresh produce industry.  Due to these disruptions, food producers are forced to source from alternative geographies. […]

5 Questions with Myota Co-Founders Kat Stennett & Dr. Thomas Gurry

WHAT HEALTHCARE TRENDS DO YOU BELIEVE WILL BE EVOLVING IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS?  We have already seen that the recent COVID pandemic has heightened people’s awareness for the importance of maintaining a strong baseline of health and focusing on disease prevention. It is likely that in the next five years, increased focus from public […]

5 Questions With Orbisk CEO and Co-Founder Olaf van der Veen 

WHY A FOODTECH COMPANY?  Three primary reasons actually:  Impact – The food system is broken, and we are here to fix it. When we started on our entrepreneurship path, we saw how much impact our current food system has, and how equally effective our optimizations will be in countering it. The recent IPCC report has unequivocally […]

5 Questions With ImaginDairy CEO & Co-Founder Eyal Afergan

WHY A FOODTECH COMPANY?  My path into the FoodTech industry was sheer serendipity. During the previous years, I worked in areas very close to FoodTech, such as the dietary supplements industry.   Around two years ago, I met PeakBridge Co-Founder Nadav Berger in a coffee shop to discuss the opportunities ahead. This was after my stint […]